Our stripping step is the first step to the repair process where we are able to ascertain as to all quoted parts and repairs have been covered by the quotation, should there be any variation this will be communicated to the insurer or client accordingly and Authorisation given or advised. Our Well kept and immaculately maintained workshop is a showpiece to our clients and our ergonomically designed and layed out workstations allow high levels of productivity as well as quality that cannot be questioned. Our Workstations Include:

2000kg & 3000kg capacity two post hoists
Well lighten 1000lux workstations
Environmental recycling systems for damaged parts & oils
Robin Air Air conditioner Recycling units
Factory Spec pneumatic tools and Torque wrenches
Electronic headlight focusing machine
Up to date training provided on all equipment

Assembly is one of the final steps of the repair procedure this includes the precise fitment and alignment of all parts and panels to be replaced after painting and polishing whether it is major or minor repairs carried out on your vehicle. It is just as important to us that the final product is just as your vehicle was when it came off the showroom floor and was delivered to you.